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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Life A B

"So, what's on your A B calendar this week?" 

What? I'm sorry but I'm feeling a little addle-brained and have no idea what you're talking about.

Oh . . . After Beach! 

It dawned on me, five days after coming home, that I always crash and burn after a trip; it's just been so long since our east-west traveling days that I had forgotten. 

What's on my AB calendar is kids, kids, and more kids. That's my job, while everybody else goes off to theirs. I'm the "keeper of the flame," I guess. Today that meant staying in my jammies all day, going back and forth between houses, playing a brutal game of Star Wars Monopoly with ruthless, greedy mini tycoons (you know who you are!), popping corn the absolute best, old-fashioned way in an electric popper with perfectly healthy coconut oil, and torturing the children with a $5.99 western DVD that will now be passed along to some other unsuspecting soul. 

Besides all of the above, I scrambled eggs. Two separate times. (We were one short the last batch so I sent a kid to check the coop and bring back what he found, which was an incredulous idea to another one; you would have thought I had told him to go pull eggs out of a hat.) 

As far as being productive, I don't think I even made it on the chart today but somehow I feel that what was accomplished was exactly what was supposed to be.