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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Close Call!

Heading out the back door for work, the preacher
stopped short and uttered those ominous words that
strike fear into the heart of a chicken-keeper,
 "OH, NO!"
I rushed to see and there she was, Violet, in all her glory,
proudly perched on top of the gate, poised for flight.

                                                        "Shall I stay in the safe yard?"        

"Oh, but the big world looks so exciting!"

The preacher raced out the front door, rounded the corner of the house,
 and made it in time to shoo her the other direction, back into the yard. Whew!
Now that she thinks she's so smart
(I found her perched there a second time this morning),
 I have had to end all her hopes of exploring the outside world
by affixing a piece of fencing to the top of the gate.
"Woe is me," says Violet, "she has ruined my dream
of an exciting life. Guess I'll just go lay an egg."

Monday, September 16, 2013

Now, That Really IS More Like It!

So, what could be better than getting two eggs at a time? 
Finally getting an egg from Pearl!
(Formerly known as The Hen Who Lays No Eggs.)

And, it gets even better because today was another first . . .
I gathered three beautiful eggs this morning! Hip, Hip, Hurray!
We must be doing something right since happy hens lay eggs. 
 Thank you, Pearl! Now, we must call you
The Hen Who Really Does Lay Eggs After All.  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No-Fly Zone

Not long after we got our hens, I opened the back door just in time to observe Violet clearing the fence. We knew when we first brought her home that she was ''The Hen Most Likely to Fly" and this was the last straw so it was wing-clipping time for her. She took it better than I had expected and afterward we both went on our merry ways. Then, a few days ago, I found Lucy outside the fence. I easily caught her and put her back where she belongs, safe from the critters who roam the world outside our cozy yard. I really didn't think much of her getting out but later in the day, Hubs discovered her exploring the rest of the property and that was that. Once again, out came the scissors! I should probably just go ahead with preventative measures and clip the wings of Pearl, "The Hen Who Lays No Eggs.''


It rained last night, a little bit, and I was thankful. Still, I asked for more (greedy child that I am) and now I have stopped working on my current project, turned off the radio, and stand in the deck doorway to watch, smell, feel the rain and listen to the booming bass drum music of the thunder. September rain hints of delightful days to come when the dog days are over and there's a refreshing nip in the air.  I am very, very grateful.
                                       Thank You so much, my Father.