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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Close Call!

Heading out the back door for work, the preacher
stopped short and uttered those ominous words that
strike fear into the heart of a chicken-keeper,
 "OH, NO!"
I rushed to see and there she was, Violet, in all her glory,
proudly perched on top of the gate, poised for flight.

                                                        "Shall I stay in the safe yard?"        

"Oh, but the big world looks so exciting!"

The preacher raced out the front door, rounded the corner of the house,
 and made it in time to shoo her the other direction, back into the yard. Whew!
Now that she thinks she's so smart
(I found her perched there a second time this morning),
 I have had to end all her hopes of exploring the outside world
by affixing a piece of fencing to the top of the gate.
"Woe is me," says Violet, "she has ruined my dream
of an exciting life. Guess I'll just go lay an egg."

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