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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Seasons . . . and Changes

             The Play Room is becoming more
                    of a multipurpose room.

The "Grands" are growing up . . . 

A few at a time, the "little kids'" toys 
are going to new homes . . . 

It's okay . . . 

Really, it is.

The chunky Lego's are making room for the miniscule ones; the kind that lurk in unexpected places, waiting for vulnerable bare feet. (Oops, I honestly did not intend 
to vacuum up that piece.)

We knew when we created and gifted this space that it would morph into other uses in the years to come. Still . . . 

Change is never a neutral thing. 
Sometimes it's easy, sometimes hard; 
it can be exciting, or terrifying, or . . . devastating. 

The changing of the seasons is comforting, at least to me; security in predictability. No matter how hot and dry the summer is, fall is coming and with it rain (hopefully) and that brisk chill I love so much. Then, just when it seems we cannot bear another dreary wintery day, the wind shifts to out of the south and we rejoice that spring is here! 

So, when it's time for change, "in acceptance, lieth peace" (as Elisabeth Elliot http://www.elisabethelliot.org often quoted Amy Carmichael as saying) seems to be a wise choice. Not just a fatalistic acceptance, but an embracing 
of new chapters in the story of our lives and 
the certainty that there will be delightful 
gifts waiting, just around the corner, 
from the Father of lights.