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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Emerald Green Sugar Crystals

We had the best time today! She almost apologetically asked if she could use my kitchen for a project. Why, of course! How fun! So she took out the bread dough, floured the counter and rolled out a 12" x 18" (or there-abouts) rectangle; spread on some cream cheese and powdered sugar, all blended and smooth and yummy, and we set it in the warm oven to rise. The real fun came after baking when we drizzled icing and sprinkled colored sugar crystals on top, just like in the picture on the recipe. Smiling, we stepped back to appraise our work and nodded our approval.
After I pushed her out the door to get to her next responsibility with her protesting about leaving a mess, or something to that effect, I began to tidy up the kitchen. "I'll save these sugar crystals we colored to use another time," I said to myself. Then He said, "Throw them away." What? Would He say that?
What about that venerable old saying, "waste not, want not"? Surely He would want me to leave those wet, sticky, emerald-green sugar crystals laying out on foil on the counter for days until they were dry enough to store to use in some unknown-but-certain-to-come project. Surely! Like the spices that are ten years out of date or the spaghetti that's growing mold in the fridge, I can hardly bring myself to even think about tossing those green sugar crystals.

Do you want to know what my friend had to say about our day?
"There is no other friend who would allow me to come in and do what we did today. How I love you my dear!!!"

         By the way, I threw away the green crystals.

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