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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Construction Zone!

Farm life isn't just about chickens (even though that's one of the most fun parts!) Sometimes it's about gardening, sewing, crafting, decorating, etc., and there are always the homekeeping duties--dusting, dishes, laundry, and all the rest. Right now, for me it's all about CONSTRUCTION . . . as in, new Pantry! I forgot to put that in my "dreams" list but it certainly should have been there.
Ever since we stopped using our old furnace (our almost 30 year old furnace) I have coveted all the beautiful space that housed the monstrosity. If there's anything I hate, it's wasted space and I needed that space something awful. So I made up my mind to just do it. Out with the old . . .
(Is this disgusting, or what?) 
Once the unit was out, I tore down the sheet rock on the wall sides and pulled down the sheetrock ceiling. That gave me about three more inches on each side and a whole lot more space overhead. Then, I pulled down the back wall and was overjoyed to discover 1.5 x 2 extra feet of space. Oh my heavens! So now, not only do I have the two foot by four foot space I was counting on, I have a bonus space that's deep enough to use the wire shelving Julie gave me.

 Look at all that lovely space! Not too wide, since I have to allow some room between the wall and the fireplace pipe, but over five feet high!
The huge hole in floor where the ductwork connected to the furnace plus some rotten wood means a new floor.

                                Ta-da! New 3/4" treated plywood floor.
Fit like a puzzle piece--a miracle!!!!!
                    The rule is "Measure twice, cut once." The rule for me is
                       "Measure three to five times and hopefully cut once."

I spent a lot of time cutting and installing a plywood floor to replace the sheetrock one (that wasn't intended to bear weight) and framing in the space, adding side support for the shelf brackets. A lot of trial and error.
The "bonus" space is walled in and ready to be painted. So much done yet so much left to do. I'm impatient! More to come . . .


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