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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Violet Goes to Time-Out

Our coffee time was interrupted this morning by a phone call.
"Did you know one of your chickens is outside the fence?"
"No. No, I did not," I said, with a sigh,
 and ran to put on my robe and slip into my chicken-chasing shoes.
Surely it's Pearl, I thought to myself, since she's the only one whose wings
haven't been clipped. But (I should have known) it was Violet.
Vexatious Violet!
I had already foiled her plan to escape the yard by flying
to the top of the gate then out. How did she manage this time?
Into the "playpen" she went for time-out until
I could figure out her newest escape route.

I did a little bit of research on backyardchickens.com and someone
mentioned moving anything away from the fence that they might
be able to flap up onto and thus facilitate their escape.
Ahhh, the lawn tractor!
Right next to the fence and just asking to be used in a break-out.
So I moved it next to the house instead and released Violet from time-out.
 So far, she has remained within the confines of the yard since.

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