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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dream Comes True!

I have dreams, like most everyone else.
Not too big, though, such as having a shiny new convertible or
a seaside get-away with its own private sugar-white beach
(although either one would be nice.)
My dreams are somewhat simpler; for instance, replacing our
large dining room window with French doors leading out onto a deck.
Or, having chickens in the backyard. A twenty+ year old dream
that seemed as if it would never come true. Until now.
Check, check, check!
Welcome to our ''Farm,''
home to our newest arrivals,
Lucy, Pearl, and Violet!



Meet Lucy, our Easter Egger. She lays beautiful blue-ish/green-ish
eggs. She's the most social of our three hens, running over and
greeting us with her signature "Bwaaack!"

Pearl is a sex-link and lays brown eggs. Our blue Andalusian, Violet,
gives us white eggs. I had not planned on having a hen that laid white
eggs but when I found out she was available, I couldn't resist.

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