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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Now, That's More Like It!

Two eggs in one day! That's a first for us! Way to go, girls!!!
Now Pearl, girlfriend, we need to talk. Lucy and Violet sure are
making you look bad. Time for you to show your stuff.
We want brown eggs! We want brown eggs! 


 "Grandmama! Grandmama!"
Second Granddaughter greets me enthusiastically.
Then, without taking a breath, she asks, "Where are the chickens?"
"Where are the chickens?" I ask her back and she smiles her impish,
cute-as-a-button smile. "In the gate!" (Which means in the backyard.)
The grandkids, especially the girls, have enjoyed our chickens more than I ever imagined they would. Second Granddaughter had the sweet privilege of finding the first egg but so far has completely failed to comprehend (or maybe chooses to ignore?) the admonition,

"Don't chase the chickens!"

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