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Monday, August 19, 2013

Farm Bunny!

We've lived on our place for going on thirty years but only in the last
decade has it become "The Farm" and it is because that's what the
grandkids think it is. We have horses in our pasture (not ours but still
in the family), flower and vegetable gardens,  chickens in the backyard,
and now, a resident bunny.
I knew there was a baby bunny somewhere in the garden because I could hear it crying but all my diligent searching for the nest yielded no results. One day, however, I turned on the sprinkler in the garden and began to gather a few tomatoes, peppers, and peas when all of a sudden, out hopped the tiniest bunny you can imagine. I was able to capture it and hold it for a little bit before releasing it. That's been about four weeks ago and the little guy (or girl?) has grown over twice the size it was that day. This morning, the grandkids enjoyed watching it hop around the yard and I was surprised by how close it would come to us in its travels between our houses. When I stood very still, it hopped over and sniffed my shoe!
It's an amazing experience to have such close contact with a wild thing.
A gift.

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