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Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Musings

I've found that I love to sit by the guest bedroom window, that looks out over the backyard, and watch the girls, unobserved. Before I know it, I'm feeling calm and relaxed, smiling at their antics and getting to know their individual quirks. When they first came here to live with us, I thought Pearl (being the oldest and most authoritative-looking) might be the girl in charge but after spending time with them, it seems that Miss Lucy just might be the Top Hen in the pecking order. Violet, for certain, is the one who gets chased about by the other two so she's definitely on the bottom rung. Speaking of Violet, we got an egg from her yesterday and Lucy is due to lay another one today. Pearl? Well, she sure likes to look like she's a super egg-producer, sitting in the nest box a lot, but so far we've only gotten one egg from her and that was at the very beginning. Lucy, though, keeps giving us those blue-green beauties she does so well. We love showing off her eggs as they always elicit a lot of "oohs and ahhs". Sweet girl!
The horses have gone to greener pastures, literally, and it sure looks lonesome around here without them. They'll be back, though, when the fall rains begin and our grass starts growing again. A pasture without horses is like a cake without icing!
I have the house to myself today and oh, the plans I had made! Projects, projects, projects. However, ''The heart of man (and woman!) plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.'' Instead of being a hard-at-work day, it is a rest-and-recuperate day. In acceptance lies peace. 

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